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316L Cold Drawn Polished Steel Pipe

316L Cold Drawn Polished Steel Pipe

Quick details: Product features: 1.The surface of the steel pipe has been galvanized and the corrosion resistance is greatly enhanced. In addition, this product has a uniform coating and a long service life; 2.This galvanized steel pipe has been cold drawn. The cold drawn steel tube has high...
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Quick details:

Product name316L cold drawn polished steel pipe
LengthIt can be customized

1.It is widely used in the meachanical treatment field, petrochemical industry and so on

2.The transportation of fluids

3.Used in low and medium pressure boiler

Product show:

Product features:

1.This galvanized steel pipe has been cold drawn. This product also has high precision and good surface finish. Moreover, cold-drawn steel can produce seamless steel tubes of smaller size and better quality;

2.The surface of this product has good surface polished finish, roundness and straightness, which is able to improve the processing efficiency and material utilization rate about this product;

3.This product is made of 316 stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance. In addition, it has excellent high temperature resistance and excellent work hardenability.

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