Color coated board substrate type
Jul 12, 2018

Cold rolled substrate color coated steel sheet

The color plate produced by the cold-rolled substrate has a smooth and beautiful appearance and has the processing property of the cold-rolled plate; however, any fine scratch of the surface coating exposes the cold-rolled substrate to the air, so that the exposed iron is quickly Generate red rust. Therefore, such products can only be used for temporary isolation measures and indoor materials that are not required.

hot-dip galvanized color coated steel sheet

The product obtained by coating an organic coating on a hot-dip galvanized steel sheet is a hot-dip galvanized color-coated plate. In addition to the protective effect of zinc, the hot-dip galvanized color-coated plate also protects against rust and has a longer service life than hot-dip galvanized sheet. The zinc content of the hot-dip galvanized substrate is generally 180 g/m2 (double-sided), and the galvanizing amount of the hot-dip galvanized substrate for external use is up to 275 g/m2.

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